Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lifes Not Really Worth Much...

It's cheaper to kill me than to keep me alive. That's the fine print as far as medicare is concerned. We only pay for the fourth pint of blood but not the first three? btw...(if you need 4 pints of blood you have a major problem) Oh your on dialysis? WE DON"T cover end stage renal failure, unless you were covered with us before you needed it. What's that? You had a kidney transplant before being covered by medicare and now your on immunosuppressants for the rest of your miserable life, yeah well we didn't replace your kidney so we not covering the those meds. Yeah we only cover up to 4 grand in yearly prescription costs, after that your on your own. Oh your meds cost about that in one month? Sorry...if you want you can BUY medigap coverage, but it won't cover your meds, there too specialized. oh and I forgot, we don't cover doc appointments. All this and it will cost you almost all if not more than your monthly income we give you. I KNOW YOU WERE PERFECTLY HAPPY ON YOUR MEDICAID, AND THEY COVERED EVERYTHING WITH OUT A HASSEL GIVING YOU THE ABILITY TO SURVIVE. But, your entitled to this crap and you have no choice but to take it. Great! After you kill me where exactly do I send the bill?
It's a sad day for human kind when you can only live if you can afford it. You could live an almost normal productive life, look at all the progress modern medicine has made, but your shit out of luck if you can't work cause of your disease. Life is tough enough, for people who are ill, do we really need to make it just that much harder? Oh sorry I forgot, it's cheaper to kill me, than save me. Aparently my life isn't in the budget.

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